A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph another impactful graduation ceremony at Blue Monarch. Blue Monarch sits on the beautiful farm land of Tennessee and serves as a residential home helping mothers and their children overcome the obstacles related to addiction, abuse, and the emotional warfare which results from these acts. The […]

  This once upon a time high school romance turned into a life long commitment with an intimate ceremony on the grounds of Beech Creek Farms in Tullahoma, TN. Katie and Brandon joyfully became husband and wife on a gorgeous fall afternoon in October with nothing but laughter and smiles all around. If you ask […]

Words of the bride, “All this is wonderful, however I just want to be married and start our life together”. There you have it people!! This is the blissful truth of the amazing wedding day for Caitlyn and Michael! Their special day took place on the grounds of The Sacred Stone in Fayetteville, Tennessee where […]

The teenage years, it’s when passions emerge, personalities evolve, and when teens start becoming independent young adults. For this beautiful girl, she has filled her teen years with the passion of playing soccer for the Tullahoma Wildcats. Playing on the defensive end of the field, she has learned to look ahead, see the field, find […]

Julia, the only girl in a family of 3 other brothers. The toughest one of the bunch. The one who’s fought to earn the athletic respect of her siblings. Beneath all that fight and grit is this gorgeous young lady surrounded by amazing family and friends. My husband has known Julia since she was just […]

I remember going to high school with Trevor’s mom. I remember playing in the back yard with her brother, Trevor’s uncle. I vaguely remember blinking and suddenly there’s a handsome senior standing before me confirming the fact I’m not a teenager or young adult anymore. Photographing the kids of friends I went to school with […]

In May, Graham and Kelsey set out for an afternoon hike exploring new areas around middle Tennessee. They stopped at the beautiful grounds of Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma,TN. As they walked down the trail, Kelsey remarked to Graham what a beautiful place it was and a great place to propose to someone. Little did she […]

Do you remember when smart phones first had filters for your pictures? You had 3 basic choices, original image, black and white, and sepia (What in the world were we thinking with the Sepia trend? Seriously, why did anyone think having a cooper hue to your pictures would look good?!?!) Black and white has been […]

A new chapter has been written! It started with two high school acquaintances being reunited 10 years later. The next chapter has these two wonderful people becoming husband and wife. Ryan and Kayla tied the knot on a beautiful Sunday in June on the breathtaking grounds of Grace Valley Farms in Shelbyville, TN. Friends and […]

Junior prom, senior prom, high school graduation, college graduation….these are all times of celebration that Katie and Brandon have gone through TOGETHER. Yes, that’s right! They weathered the hurdles of new high school love and then the challenges of a 4 year collegiate long distance relationship. Katie was in school at The University of Tennessee […]






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