In May, Graham and Kelsey set out for an afternoon hike exploring new areas around middle Tennessee. They stopped at the beautiful grounds of Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma,TN. As they walked down the trail, Kelsey remarked to Graham what a beautiful place it was and a great place to propose to someone. Little did she […]

Do you remember when smart phones first had filters for your pictures? You had 3 basic choices, original image, black and white, and sepia (What in the world were we thinking with the Sepia trend? Seriously, why did anyone think having a cooper hue to your pictures would look good?!?!) Black and white has been […]

A new chapter has been written! It started with two high school acquaintances being reunited 10 years later. The next chapter has these two wonderful people becoming husband and wife. Ryan and Kayla tied the knot on a beautiful Sunday in June on the breathtaking grounds of Grace Valley Farms in Shelbyville, TN. Friends and […]

Junior prom, senior prom, high school graduation, college graduation….these are all times of celebration that Katie and Brandon have gone through TOGETHER. Yes, that’s right! They weathered the hurdles of new high school love and then the challenges of a 4 year collegiate long distance relationship. Katie was in school at The University of Tennessee […]

High school graduation, a milestone for teens and parents both. For teenagers, that word elicits excitement, anticipation for what comes next, and a sense of accomplishment. A time that brings perspective to their world as they recognize change is coming. A realization that savoring the moments with their friends and family is of great importance. […]

13 years ago I walked into a new daycare with my toddler in hand. I met the teachers and then I saw this little 4 year old with big green eyes, long dark eye lashes, and with beautiful brown ringlets of curls around her face. She walked up to the teachers and they asked her […]

February is known as the month of love.  It was the month when Becky first reached out to me to photograph her upcoming wedding. On Valentines Day she sent me an email with an official wedding day and was ready to set the wheels in motion for their upcoming wedding set for April 27, 2019. […]

What did we do before social media? How did we know the achievements and accomplishments of the youth in our town? I guess we either 1) didn’t know about them or 2) read about it in the paper (not the online version, but the one delivered to our homes). This senior guy is one we […]

A wonderful and beautiful soul. A motivated and driven young lady. A genuine and caring spirit. These are just a few phrases that describe this amazing young woman. Catherine reached out to me a few months ago inquiring about her senior pictures. She was such a sweet person to talk with as we nailed down […]

When I first heard the how we met story of Ryan and Kayla, I thought, “man, that could be a pretty good country song”. I then decided to google country songs about high school friends. Whoa, talk about overload. This topic seems to be popular for writing a hit song! Ryan and Kayla weren’t they […]






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