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This weekend  I had the pleasure of attending the first inaugural Tullahoma Sports Council Hall of Fame Banquet.  The Sports Council was formed approximately 1 year ago thanks to joint efforts by our city mayor, Lane Curlee and Tullahoma native, Jim Bratcher.  Mayor Curlee recognized the importance health plays in our overall productivity, happiness, and longevity in life. He felt it only appropriate to see our town come to together to honor those who gave extreme dedication and passion to their sports career.  This dedication resulted in tremendous athletic success for many people in our community.  The Sports Council was formed last year with strong efforts to bring together the first ever Hall of Fame Banquet.  The board members include Ashton Barnett, Jim Bratcher, Cheryl Twitty, Ginger Ennis, Scot Farler, Hank Jordan, Stacy Lynch, Joey Teal, Robert Boehm, Kurt Glick, John Olive and Jerry Mathis.  As I mention this list of board members, it quite notable to recognize that many of these individuals are born and raised natives of Tullahoma.  I think this is something very unique to our town with so many people coming back to invest in the town who supported them as a young teen and athlete.  This banquet would not have been possible without their dedication along with the sponsors who made this night one for the history books.


Sports has always been a very big part of my life and still is today as I raise my children here in Tullahoma.  Competition has been at the root of my upbringing as I had an extreme sports fanatic dad and parents who encouraged me to not only work hard but to play hard as well.   I love all forms of competition and are in awe of those who excelled far beyond their high school glory days, continuing to embrace their God-given athletic abilities at the next level.  The accolades achieved by these individuals is a testament not only their raw talent, but to the impact athletics plays in character development, self perseverance and dedication, and to the grit it takes to make it through life.  The game doesn’t stop on the court or field, it goes on forever.  As Frank Mullins states, “win without boasting, lose without excuse” . Don’t you agree this philosophy is one we can generalize across all sports and careers?!?!?!

The 2019 Hall of Fame inductees represent Tullahoma in a jaw-dropping way.  Their accomplishments are admirable and it’s truly an honor to know some of these individuals and to have seen them compete during their time at Tullahoma.  You just knew, you could see the star in the making, you knew greatness was in their future.  The emcee for the evening, Scott Shasteen, has been around Tullahoma athletics for many years.  As a sports writer and commentator, I think he could attest to the greatness many of us watched as these individuals took the field, ready to compete and ready to win! This year’s Hall of Fame class includes Ashley Gilliam (honorary award for golf) Steve Matthews (football and coach), Larry Nee, Jr. (track and field), William Wallace Wade (football collegiate coach), Matthew Brian Sweeton (wrestling), Camron Howard (track and field, football, basketball), Antonio London (football), Frank Mullins (football coach), William Francis Pack, Sr. (football and basketball official), Ann Shelton (soccer), Dr. Jamil Northcutt (football and administrator), and the 1974 State Baseball Champions.  The teammates were Jerry Farrar, Stan Young, David Davis, Jimmy Haynes, Greg Sircy, Ronnie James, Jeff Pruitt, Joey Tuck, Bill Brantner, Greg Hemken, Jimmy Parrish, Rick Pless, Dale Mosley, Mike Stamps, Tim Finch, Frank Smith, Bob Riddell, Mike Howell, John Jarratt, and coaches Jerry Mathis and Ted Frisby.

Pat Welch accepting award on behalf of William Wallace Wade

The children of William Pack accept the award on his behalf

Mario Braston accepting the award on behalf of Antonio London

The children of Frank Mullins accept the award of his behalf


It is exciting to see this event held to honor so many from our town. Thank you Tullahoma for recognizing their efforts and tenacity and for continuing to promote the growing success of Tullahoma athletes.

“I’m not supposed to tell you that winning is the most important thing in sports, so I won’t. What I will tell you is that when you win, it is a heck of a lot more fun. So that is what we are going to try and do every day. If you want to know how I am when I play a game, I will do everything within the rules to win, regardless of what game we are playing. Football, baseball, marbles or tiddlywinks, it doesn’t matter, I’m going to try and win”  – Frank Mullins



A special thanks to the sponsors who made this night possible

Hall of Fame Sponsors:

James F. & Mary Loiuse Stewart

Russell Barnett Automative Family

Title Sponsors:

Coca-cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma, Inc

Matthew Nichols, DDS

Gold Sponsors:

Financial Management Advisors, Inc

Flex Up Fitness

Smart Bank

Tullahoma Downtown Lions Club

Weichert Realtors – Joe Orr& Associates

Access Title & Escross, Inc.

Carla Glick Photography

The Sweatshop

Surgical Group of Tullahoma

EC Design & Print

Silver Sponsors:

Tennova Healthcare – Harton

Excel Eyecare of Tullahoma

Publix Super Market Charities

Bronze Sponsors:

Local Motion Designs

Mortgage Connection

Barrett Construction and Rennovation

Table Sponsors: 

Law Office of Hull, Ray, Rieder, Ewell, Lane & Lynch, PC

Prescott Bottling & Distributing Co.

Traders Bank

Smart Bank

Masters of Ceremonies

Contributing Sponsors:

Harton Realty

Tullahoma Awards & Gifts

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